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Θέμα: Καναδας Επιλογες VISA & Αδειες Εργασιας

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    As a world leader and champion of human rights issues, Canada also recognizes a responsibility to grant asylum to refugees who face danger, persecution and violations of their human rights in their country of nationality or habitual residence. Canada's refugee system offers protection to thousands of such individuals each year. Refugees may be government-assisted or may be privately sponsored by individuals or organizations in Canada. There are two main components to this program:

    1. Refugee and Humanitarian Resettlement Program: This program is aimed at refugees who are currently outside of Canada. CIC selects refugees for resettlement based on recommendations from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
    2. Asylum in Canada: This program offers protection to individuals currently in Canada who fear returning to their home country. These cases are assessed by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board.

    Refugee Claimants

    Refugee Claimants |

    On December 2012, despite the fact that Mexico remained as the top source country for refugee claimants to Canada (7,944 claimants), the number of Mexican claimants was 62 percent down from the highest number (21,118) observed in 2009.
    From 2005 to 2012, while the number of Chinese and Nigerian claimants remained steady, claims from Haiti and Hungary experienced the highest growth. Haitian claims increased 481 percent from 966 in 2005 to 5,617 in 2012; and Hungarian claims increased 334 percent from 1,603 to 6,957 respectively.
    During the same period, the number of claimants from the following countries showed significant decreases: Pakistan (62 percent); Sri Lanka (43 percent); Colombia (39 percent) and India (31 percent).
    Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


    7000 Ουγγροι μπηκαν απο το παραθυροι to 2012 σαν Refugees !!!

    WTF ???

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    How to Obtain a Work Permit in Canada
    How to Obtain a Work Permit in Canada

    Canada welcomes approximately 150,000 foreign nationals each year, who help the business deal with skill shortages and increase the flexibility of the job market. Persons who intend to work temporarily inCanada need a work permit. Those who plan to work in Quebec have to obtain a certificat d’acceptation du Quebec.

    When moving to Canada, foreign nationals have to find a legal form of employment, unless they are wealthy. There are several options to obtain a work permit and practice your profession legally in Canada. First, if your company operates a branch or office in Canada, you can apply through your employer who will handle the paperwork for your work visa. In this case, obtaining a work permit is as finding a job and transferring to Canada. This scenario is the best because the employer sponsors your stay in the country, taking care of all fees.

    If your employer doesn’t have offices in Canada, you have to deal with the task on your own. Keep in mind that you must meet a number of requirements before you are granted a work permit. You might not receive a work permit if the job position you have in mind can be easily filled by a Canadian citizen or resident. It is a good idea to check what are the skill shortages in the period you plan to apply. You will get a fairly good idea of your chances to obtain a work permit.

    In order to get the desired permit, you may find a company in Canada who is wiling to offer you employment directly. Getting a job offer is one of the easiest ways to transfer to Canada. Upon receiving an offer for employment, you have to get in touch with Human Resource and Skills Development Canada. HRSDC will look at the offer to make sure it is legitimate. They will also assess your skills and qualifications against the position, making sure that your transfer is in the best inerest of the country. In case of skill shortage for the particular position, there is a high chance they will approve your application. Keep in mind that they will first check if qualified Canadian Citizens are also applying for the same position. If all conditions are met, you will be granted a work permit.

    Foreign nationals with certain occupations have an added advantage because of the fairly constant need of qualified workers in some economic spheres. For instance, citizens of NAFTA who are investors, traders, and professionals are not required to apply through the HRSDC.

    Other categories include intra-company transferees, entrepreneurs, exchange teachers and lecturers, persons who participate in youth exchange programs, foreign students who study in Canada and have to work and fulfill co-op placement, common-law partners and spouses of foreign students from certain countries, post-doctoral fellows, individuals who undertake religious or charitable work in Canada, as well as certain groups of people in need to support themselves while in Canada (e.g. refugees waiting the assessment of their application for refugee status). Individuals who are granted permanent residence don’t apply through the Human Resource and Development Canada.

Σελίδα 4 από 4 ΠρώτηΠρώτη ... 234

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