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Θέμα: Καθεδρικός Ναος Liverpool

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    Καθεδρικός Ναος Liverpool

    Καθεδρικός Ναος

    The Cathedral Church of Christ, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s masterpiece, is built on St. James’ Mount and is visible from miles around: “a visible witness for God in the midst of the great city”. The decision to build was taken under the leadership of Bishop Francis James Chavasse, second Bishop of Liverpool, in the summer of 1901.

    After an open competition, a design by an unknown 22-year-old architect was chosen. In 1904 King Edward VII laid the Foundation Stone in the presence of 7,000 people. Building began at the East end and, by means of a series of temporary walls, the whole building moved towards completion. The Lady Chapel was dedicated on St. Peter’s Day 1910 and the main part of the Cathedral, including the Sanctuary, Chapter House, Chancel and Eastern Transepts, was consecrated on 19th July 1924, 20 years to the day after the laying of the Foundation Stone.

    The first services were held in the newly completed Central Space in the dark war-time days of 1940. That part of the city was heavily bombed but miraculously the Cathedral sustained only minor damage and the final finial on the Tower was set in 1942. Work had to proceed slowly after the war but the Bridge and the first bay of the Nave was completed in 1961. Crippling inflation made the completion of the building a difficult task but in October 1978 Queen Elizabeth II attended the service to mark the completion of the largest Cathedral in Britain.

    The Mission of the Cathedral is to proclaim that Jesus Christ is alive and that His Gospel is true and relevant to today's world. The Cathedral must seek to live out the Christian faith, a faith rooted and grounded in the life of Jesus Christ. The Cathedral offers its life as a resource centrefor the Christian church on Merseyside, the Diocese and across the region. It is a place where skills, expertise, faith and understanding are gathered together in the service of God's kingdom.

    The cathedral is a centre of worship and celebration, exploring the mystery and glory of God and responding to His love. It is a centre of Learning, obeying Christ's commission to make known the Gospel through preaching, worship, education programmes and special events. It is a centre of Hospitality, welcoming all of our visitors and affirming our common humanity.
    Seek and Ye May Not Find
    Ψάξε Και Ας Μην Το Βρεις

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    Καθεδρικός Ναός Liverpool - 1

    Καθεδρικός Ναός
    Seek and Ye May Not Find
    Ψάξε Και Ας Μην Το Βρεις

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    Καθεδρικός Ναός Liverpool - 2

    Καθεδρικός Ναός
    Seek and Ye May Not Find
    Ψάξε Και Ας Μην Το Βρεις

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