BY MONIFA THOMAS Health Reporter

Turns out Greece's rich ancient history isn't the only thing that its people have to be proud of.

Greeks have more sex than anyone else in the world, while Americans rank third-lowest, according to a survey of 26 countries done by Durex condom company.
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A samba dancer in Sao Paolo. Nearly one-third of Brazilians say they are willing to try aphrodisiacs.

Americans get it on a measly 85 times a year, well below the worldwide average of 103 times. And less than half of Americans describe their sex life as fully satisfying.

To figure out why Americans are so sad in the sack, Women's Health magazine visited Greece, Brazil, Sweden and Israel, four countries topping the list for sexual satisfaction, to see what we could learn from them.

Some highlights of the results in this month's issue:

• • Greeks, who have sex a whopping 164 times a year, put pleasure on the top of their to-do list. Americans, on the other hand, are more likely to find excuses not to.

• • In Brazil, sexual experimentation is the name of the game. For instance, nearly one-third of Brazilians say they are willing to try aphrodisiacs. "What makes Brazilians unique in their approach to sex is less prejudice and more curiosity, willingness to communicate, devotion to pleasure and appreciation of different body shapes," Carmita Abdo, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Sao Paulo Medical School, told the magazine. They even have a word that roughly translates to "Let's experiment with the world of erotic experience." (In case you're wondering, it's sacanagem.)

• • In Sweden, men and women take sex education seriously. In their equivalent of high school, Swedes can take classes on kissing, and in college, the course catalog includes electives on desire, the ethics of contraception and abortion and other hot topics. All that hard work pays off: 61 percent of Swedish women reported having an orgasm the last time they had sex, according to the Durex survey.

• • Israeli women are very direct in asking for what they want in bed and tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives. One theory why: Israelis are "keenly aware of their mortality," the magazine says. "Sex is seen as a way to mitigate the constant turmoil and to assert life."